Do you have a website for your business?

In this day and age if you don’t have a web presence, you’re losing potential customers.
When someone is looking for services in your local area, they will go to Google (or another search engine) and do a search. If you don’t have a website showing up, you’re losing money.

A website can be used to educate your potenial customers about the services you provide, info about your company, directions (including a Google Map) and contact info, pricing, and specials.

You can collect your site visitor’s contact info so you can send them newsletters or offer them info on special deals and coupons. You can have a FAQ page to answer frequently ask questions, saving you from answering the same questions over and over.

Having a well designed website will also add to your professionalism which can help your potential clients feel more at ease about doing business with you.

Here at Mossyhead Marketing, we specialize in getting local businesses ranked well with Google and the other top search engines. We pride ourselves on not just getting sites ranked on page one, but as high as is reasonably possible toward the number one position. Never think there are just one or two keywords your company should rank well for. For any given industry, large or small, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of profitable search phrases that local customers in your area are likely to do a search for.

Let us assist you and your company in getting a better ranking, and consequently, more foot traffic into your store, by our professional off page optimization process. When we say “off page” we mean sophisticated ways of creating powerful backlinks to force Google to take notice of your site.

Why use our service? Because your competition isn’t! They may have a standard SEO team to work on their site, but chances are they are doing nowhere near the amount of work that our team can perform for YOU. And at a surprisingly affordable rate.

We also provide affordable website hosting, website design services, press relaeases, and logo and business identity packages.

If you want to increase your internet presence, and your bottom line, we can help.